Turtle Soup Episode 0 – “Too Much of a Good Thing”

     Well, here we are: the very first episode of Turtle Soup! We decided to do a 0 episode in the hopes that we could explain why the hell two somewhat sane people would decide do start a podcast dedicated to tracking through the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise in chronological order. This includes the comics, films, video games, figures…. everything. Were we able to explain our reasons for undertaking this mammoth task?

          No, really. Did we? I cant remember…

          I think it’s all about the thirst for absolute knowledge. And ninja skills. Something about the long and storied history of the TMNT screams out to be fully chronicled, doesn’t it? I mean, there is just so much out there. And all of it has mutated reptiles fighting everything from street thugs to Triceratons, Baxter Stockman to Shredder, the fear of being rejected by humanity to…. April’s new “doo”… And we get to see it all!

          The beginning of anything is a really exciting, so thanks a ton for listening. Like anything new, we’re gonna put this show through it’s paces and find our rhythm. Hopefully you’ll bear with us and let us know what you think. And no, we’ve never had Turtle Soup. Have you?

Download HERE: Episode 0 – “Too Much of a Good Thing”

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