Holiday Bonus 2 Pack! Episode 6 – “Eureka! It Works!!!” *and* Episode 7 – “The Swill of Champions!”




      And he’s available! For your art and logo commission work, of course. He has a girlfriend. And while she’s awesome, I don’t think she’s that into sharing. And do you blame her? I mean, LOOK AT THAT SOUP CAN!

      This week we introduce our new logo. If you saw the effortless ease with which Joe made it, you might be thinking (as I was at the time) “Damn… How’s he just whip those things up like that?! And he’s a Guinness World Record Holder in Gradius? Are my genetics just inferior or what?”. Besides creating our awesome logo, Joe will also be assisting us when we cover the TMNT role playing game and with the multitude of TMNT video game releases for the show. He takes commissions for a really fair price and his work is astounding, You can drop in and check out his other work or order a custom piece of art for yourself at . Tell him Domestic Danny sent ‘ya!

      And it’s almost CRITMAS! So, given the real reason for the season (Crit), and in the spirit of giving (and maybe catching up to live episodes…), we are giving you, our fair listener, 2 whole new episodes of Turtle Soup! These are two of my favorites, personally, and it definitely feels like we’re getting on a roll. Kind of like when you settle in for a really long road trip. You spend the first few minutes getting all situated and then… you just sit there. Bad analogy.

      In Episode 6, we tackle Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1,  #5 and the Fugitoid One-Shot. There is a generous helping of awesome and gross kid stories on my part in this one. Eric celebrates He-Man’s 30th birthday. And awesomeness ensues! Eureka!

      As for Episode 7, we delve into the Michelangelo Micro-Series as well as Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1, #6. This a weird one. Just sayin’. The concept of “moon money” is introduced here. And now it belongs to the ages. And the snow… My God the snow.

      Wrapping up with some news, the Official Turtle Naming Contest is going strong and we are getting some great suggestions, some of which should be covered in some episodes coming up soon. Also, Eric and I are currently revising our TMNT Flow Chart (where we house the now monthly chronological history of the Turtles) and should be able to make that available soon to all of you who want keep pace with the show. There are lots of other cool things we are planning as well, so stay tuned!



Episode 6 – “Eureka! It Works!!!”

Episode 7 – “The Swill of Champions.”

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