Holiday Bonus 2 Pack! Episode 6 – “Eureka! It Works!!!” *and* Episode 7 – “The Swill of Champions!”




      And he’s available! For your art and logo commission work, of course. He has a girlfriend. And while she’s awesome, I don’t think she’s that into sharing. And do you blame her? I mean, LOOK AT THAT SOUP CAN!

      This week we introduce our new logo. If you saw the effortless ease with which Joe made it, you might be thinking (as I was at the time) “Damn… How’s he just whip those things up like that?! And he’s a Guinness World Record Holder in Gradius? Are my genetics just inferior or what?”. Besides creating our awesome logo, Joe will also be assisting us when we cover the TMNT role playing game and with the multitude of TMNT video game releases for the show. He takes commissions for a really fair price and his work is astounding, You can drop in and check out his other work or order a custom piece of art for yourself at . Tell him Domestic Danny sent ‘ya!

      And it’s almost CRITMAS! So, given the real reason for the season (Crit), and in the spirit of giving (and maybe catching up to live episodes…), we are giving you, our fair listener, 2 whole new episodes of Turtle Soup! These are two of my favorites, personally, and it definitely feels like we’re getting on a roll. Kind of like when you settle in for a really long road trip. You spend the first few minutes getting all situated and then… you just sit there. Bad analogy.

      In Episode 6, we tackle Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1,  #5 and the Fugitoid One-Shot. There is a generous helping of awesome and gross kid stories on my part in this one. Eric celebrates He-Man’s 30th birthday. And awesomeness ensues! Eureka!

      As for Episode 7, we delve into the Michelangelo Micro-Series as well as Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1, #6. This a weird one. Just sayin’. The concept of “moon money” is introduced here. And now it belongs to the ages. And the snow… My God the snow.

      Wrapping up with some news, the Official Turtle Naming Contest is going strong and we are getting some great suggestions, some of which should be covered in some episodes coming up soon. Also, Eric and I are currently revising our TMNT Flow Chart (where we house the now monthly chronological history of the Turtles) and should be able to make that available soon to all of you who want keep pace with the show. There are lots of other cool things we are planning as well, so stay tuned!



Episode 6 – “Eureka! It Works!!!”

Episode 7 – “The Swill of Champions.”

Episode 5 – “Domestic Danny and the Bag of Tricks”

      Here are again, fine folks. Another episode of Turtle Soup, another step toward… reading, watching, and playing everything TMNT related. On that note, did you guys know I have at least 2 live turtles in my pool? I do.

      See, when you buy a house from HUD or any other government run agency who take homes from people that owe Uncle Sam a good deal of money, you tend to find things in a bit of a state of… disrepair. Our house was pretty trashed, and while gutting a lot of the interior and making it sterile and livable, we haven’t gotten to the pool yet. It’s covered with a “cap” made of lumber, chicken wire, and black PVC. Through holes in the PVC you can see dark, murky green water. Damn gross. But fixable. When we get the money to do it…

    So one day I’m outside walking around and I peer deep into the opaque waters of my pool. Slowly, like in a dream, an image became apparent. It was a soft shelled snapper turtle at least two feet long. I was pretty freaked out, I must say. It was a couple days later that I noticed a second turtle, a small hardshell that wasn’t nearly as scary. Occasionally I’ll see them in there, swimming around, eating grass clippings, happy as hell. Maybe I’ll when we get that cap off we’ll capture the turtles in question and make them our mascots.

      This leads me to my point: I am offering you, the listeners of our fine show, the opportunity to name them. Yes, that’s right, YOU can name the future Turtle Soup mascots! Email us at with your suggestions. Let’s do this!

      Oh, you wanna hear about the actual episode we’re posting tonight? Okay. We cover Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1, Issue 4. This was a fun one to read and very interesting to cover, especially given the one and only appearance of the infamous Domestic Danny. Also included in the banter? Our penchant for acting like dogs when we were younger, Jason Biggs’ hilarious Tweet that sent Nickelodeon spinning, and dated football controversy.

      We are getting closer and closer to being “live”, as in the episode we record on Friday night being released over the weekend, but for now, we’re still bringing out the episodes with a good deal of delay. Tonight we’re dedicating ourselves to fixing the iTunes issue, which has plagued us much so far. Fun!

      Well, without further delay, here it is! Enjoy and don’t forget to write. We love your letters (especially W and K!).

DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 5 – “Domestic Danny and the Bag of Tricks”

Black Friday Bonus! Episode 3 – “AH HA! Do Not Ambulate!!!” *and* Episode 4 – “Look out, scum! Casey’s Cumin’!”


      Black Friday is crazy. I’ll just start with that. Eric and I were lined up outside our local comic shop at 4am this morning for the chance to partake in half priced comics and trades. And we got some cool stuff. Myself? I took on the Grant Morrison Animal Man run on Vertigo. Eric? A bunch of Invincible, among other things. We both managed to pick up a copy of the IDW TMNT 2012 Annual, which hit the streets at a whopping $8.99 a couple of weeks ago. I mean, it’s bound like a trade, but it feels a lot better to get it for $4…

      It was with this air of deals and the outrageous celebration of commercial spending that I was hit with the following idea: Why the hell not post up two episodes? Are you guys worth it? Certainly. So, given we have a good number of these in the can,  I was able to wipe the crust from my eyes and make it so.

      Episode 3 finds us covering Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol.1 #3. We also manage to rope in Slenderman somehow. That cat is scary. For real scary.

      Episode 4 covers the Mirage Raphael Micro-Series #1. A classic. Also discussed: Ryan’s honeymoon at the Holocaust museum and the changes coming up in Marvel’s Now initiative.

      One thing you may notice is some pretty dated talk during the intro to these episodes. This is once again due to the fact that we have a good number of these episodes already done and are trying to get live by releasing episodes more often than we record them. So, enjoy your trip back in time as we marvel over the new TMNT cartoon theme song (Episode 3) and discuss the aforementioned Marvel Now… then.

      Without further delay, thank you so much for listening, be sure to let us know what you think at , and you can download the new episodes below!

Episode 3 – “AH HA! Do Not Ambulate!”

Episode 4 – “Look Out, Scum! Casey’s Cumin’!”

Episode 2 – “I’m Evil as SHIT!”

      On this, our 2nd Turtles-riffic episode, we explore Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1 #2. This turns out to be a huge issue, as it is the historic first appearance of not only April O’Neil, but Baxter Stockman and his Mousers as well. With this being my first turn with this first issues, I was surprised at how absolutely, bat shit crazy Stockman is. Crazy as shit, one might say…

      Also, we tackle some listener emails, the insanely horrible “leaked” script for the new TMNT film, discuss the sad state of employment at Gran Prix, torn rare band T-shirts, Dan Scott from One Tree Hill, and other stuff. Be sure to send us more emails with your questions / comments because the ones we cover here were incredibly awesome.

      The above picture is of Eric in his excellent “above ground’ incognito turtle outfit, by the way. I’m looking to also get one of these so we can both skulk around Cons together, keeping to the shadows. The only problem we might have would be our uncanny similarity to child predators. This may or may not put us in jail for a time, interrupting the flow of this excellent podcast… worth it? Perhaps

      So, here she is, Turtle Soup Episode 2! Enjoy and don’t forget to write…

DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 2 – “I’m Evil as SHIT!”

Turtle Soup Episode 1 – “Soaked in Blood”


 At long last: Episode 1!

     Man, what a delay between episodes, huh? I could blame this on a number of things. The international burrito exchange rate crash tanking my Tex-Mex investments. Our over the top, vegas style appearance at Tampa Bay ComicCon 2012 (pictured). The scramble to find the key to infinite feedback sustain. An insane contest between two rich guys to sit in an oval office and look important…. But I won’t. I’ll just say that it’s something that…

     Dammit, it was the burrito crash! I lost everything!


     On this episode we tackle the very first appearance of the TMNT, Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1, Issue 1. We do a pretty in depth analysis into the premier issue and the events surrounding it, including the story of Mirage Comics, notes on various printings, annotations from Kevin and Peter, and the artistic approach behind creating the comic that brought us the Green Teens.

     In current event notes, we are having some slight trouble getting the iTunes feed to work, so please bear with us while we get things all fixed up. We’re also recording at this point with a few episodes in the can, so it may take a couple of episodes to get your emails read / get made fun of on the show…

     Well, without any further tomfoolery, you can download the episode here:

     Episode 1 – “Soaked in Blood”

     Let us know what you think of the show and  Email us here!



Turtle Soup Episode 0 – “Too Much of a Good Thing”

     Well, here we are: the very first episode of Turtle Soup! We decided to do a 0 episode in the hopes that we could explain why the hell two somewhat sane people would decide do start a podcast dedicated to tracking through the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise in chronological order. This includes the comics, films, video games, figures…. everything. Were we able to explain our reasons for undertaking this mammoth task?

          No, really. Did we? I cant remember…

          I think it’s all about the thirst for absolute knowledge. And ninja skills. Something about the long and storied history of the TMNT screams out to be fully chronicled, doesn’t it? I mean, there is just so much out there. And all of it has mutated reptiles fighting everything from street thugs to Triceratons, Baxter Stockman to Shredder, the fear of being rejected by humanity to…. April’s new “doo”… And we get to see it all!

          The beginning of anything is a really exciting, so thanks a ton for listening. Like anything new, we’re gonna put this show through it’s paces and find our rhythm. Hopefully you’ll bear with us and let us know what you think. And no, we’ve never had Turtle Soup. Have you?

Download HERE: Episode 0 – “Too Much of a Good Thing”

And forget to email us your thoughts at

The Ongoing Journey of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, From the Beginning…