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Episode 272: Headlights After Midnight!

Greetings Turtletarians! On this live streamed recording of Turtle Soup Podcast episode 272, we review the Image Comics TMNT – Raphael and Casey Jones: Body Count #3! We also take a look at the recently revealed NECA 12 days of downloads TMNT checklist.

After some massive technical difficulties, we finally manage to get the show back up and running and our first stop on the journey this episode is to take a look at NECA’s 12 days of downloads TMNT checklist! This is something NECA does every year and its a neat way to sort of celebrate the past and commemorate the last year’s additions to our collections. But most importantly, its a way for NECA to tease some more upcoming action figures to add to our shelf this coming year!

This year they start off with showing us General Traag and Granitor in their arcade appearance / pixelated paint job. These figures are mostly the same release from NECA’s 1987 TMNT animated series line. If I’m not mistaken, not only is the paint job different but I believe they also feature different head sculpts. Then next to them on the checklist, we see some more different colored foot soldiers! We here at Turtle Soup love the multi colored stylings of the video game foot clan. These figures appear to be repaints of previously released foot soldiers, however, these also include some more accessories to match them with!

The final reveal gleamed from NECA’s checklist is in their comic line. All the way at the end we get our first full glimpse of Fugitoid! This figure looks fantastic! Fugitoid is always a welcome addition to any area of TMNT and here is no exception. Not only does this reveal tell us that we’re getting another great addition to our TMNT toy shelf, but that, more specifically, we’ll be getting more Mirage comics figures from NECA!!!

Finally, we make it to the true step in our journey through the entire history of the TMNT by reviewing the 1996 TMNT Raphael and Casey Jones: Body Count issue 3!

This issue finds our heroes Casey Jones and Raphael escorting their new found friend Midnight to a place called “Sanctuary.” They meet a fellow named Courtney who will be their escort to “Sanctuary” by way of another guy named Martin. Detective Choy, his bodyguard, and Bode are hot on their trails as Johnny Woo Woo and his crew are leaving a trail of blood and gun shells behind them in pursuit of MIDNIGHT!!! We get some sort of context for what’s happening in the story by way of some of Choy’s theory about a fraction within some crime syndicate in Hong Kong. His theory continues to reintroduce us to the man who initiated the hit with Johnny Woo Woo on Midnight: Lord Dong! Casey Jones, Raphael, Midnight and Courtney finally make it to “Martin’s” only to find its a fortified church and Martin is looney tunes. Upon their arrival they are quick to prepare for battle as Johnny Woo Woo makes his way in to the church, while Detective Choy, Bode and company are watching from across the street as the pandemonium is exacerbated by the arrival of Lord Dong’s men who join the fray. These men however look an awful lot like the men who were involved with the setup that set up this entire story!

  • How are you liking Body Count so far?
  • Do you like this style of art work?
  • Is Lord Dong your new favorite TMNT villain?

Lettuce know!

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Episode 270: Old Johnny Woo Woo and the Beat Em Up Bar Boys!

Greetings Turtletarians!

(Apologies for the late upload of the episode. Website issues abounded!)

On this episode we begin our journey through the beginnings of the Image Comics run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics, also referred to as vol. 3. This momentous step in the journey is brought to us by way of Mirage/Image comics Casey Jones/Raphael / Bodycount #1 from 1994/1996!

We also have some TMNT toy news to discuss as well!

Speaking of said toy news, we get started with Neca teasing their next entry in their TMNT x Universal Monsters line of action figures with one picture of Leonardo as Ygor “The Hunchback!” From this one photo posted by Neca, the fanbase apparently erupted in outrage at relegating the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to a “lowly” character as Ygor. However, Neca manage to still put out quality sculpt and detailed paint on their figures without fail that helps to quell the unrest among disgruntled fans. Hopefully, they’ll reveal more photos of this divisive figure and its accessories. Given the limited text that was associated with the post, fingers crossed that we get a Krang “figure” in a jar to accompany this figure.

Secondly, we have news from The Loyal Subjects BTS AXN Line of action figures! We saw their takes on the 1987 animated series TMNT figures from a few months ago. Now we have in box pics of these figures that are also up for preorder. They also put up for preorder what appears to be a second wave of figures from this line. The figures included in are The Shredder, A Foot Soldier, Bebop and Casey Jones! The pictures posted with the preorder listings appear to be digital renderings of the figures. This is great news for people looking forward to this line of TMNT action figures in a 5 inch scale!

Finally we get to the meat of the episode, Casey Jones/Raphael / Bodycount #1! This issue is basically one half a giant bar brawl and the other a convoluted flash back to an organized crime job that was a set up. We get introduced to a midlevel crime boss named Johnny Woo Woo as well as his getaway driver Midnight! Something goes wrong with a hit that ends up with Johnny Woo Woo coming after Midnight. Midnight finds herself being thrust into a massive bar fight that has a familiar face among the participants… Casey Jones! Once Johnny Woo Woo shows up to the bar, all hell breaks loose as Woo Woo and his goons brought guns to a bar fight. Thankfully, Casey Jones and Midnight are able to make it out of the bar safely for a few moments before being cornered by Johnny Woo Woo and his crew. Suddenly, from the sky falls a fire escape ladder, incapacitating Johnny Woo Woo’s thugs resulting in everyone looking up to see the cause of the falling scructure only to find Raphael, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

  • Where were you back when this was released and did you pick it up?
  • Are you a fan of the dark and gritty “Steve Dillon/Glenn Fabry” style art?
  • Do you like these Casey Jones / Raphael team up stories?
  • If you had a friend named “Midnight” would you constantly say their name?
  • Do you prefer your TMNT dark and gritty or colorful and jovial?

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