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Episode 259: Mini Mikey’s Mighty Morphin Mustache Misadventure!


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Greetings Turtletarians!

On this thrilling episode of Turtle Soup, we continue on through 1996 and take a look at Archie Adventure Series’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures – The Year Of The Turtle comic 3 parter! We thought we were completely done with TMNT Adventures but Archie had one more story line for us and its a doozy.

The story revolves around a father telling a child the tale of the last TMNT adventure. This adventure begins with both Splinter and the TMNT as well as Shredder and his new friends T.K.O., Psonic, and Cyberious attempting to acquire as much information about the location of 3 pieces of an ancient talisman that is said to give its bearer the ability to reshape the world however they choose. However, this attribute of the talisman is only fully activated once in a life time by the planets and stars all aligning to make a turtle and shooting a beam of energy down to a precise location on Earth where the bearer of the combined talisman must be in order to use it to its full capacity. This is no easy task, the Turtles have to use all their varied strengths to find any clues to the locations need to bring all this together in time. Along with Shredder’s new allies, the TMNT will have to overcome the combined forces of Mother Nature, Killer Monks, Himalayan Temple Booby Traps, and a group of young actors with attitude portraying this universe’s take on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Written by Dan Slott and featuring art that is evocative of typical Marvel/DC comics from the mid 90’s, this story has most everything we could ask for and yet still left us wanting more.

  • What did you think of Shredder’s new allies?
  • Which team would you rather be a reserve member of, TMNT or MMPR?
  • Do you prefer your TMNT babyfaced, bearded or mustached?
  • Have you ever used a Turtle as a snow sled before?
  • Do you think that “talkin’ tech” is greater than “does machines?”
  • Do you often use the phrase “caught them with their pants down” as often as 90’s comics wants us to believe that people do?

Well that’s it for this stacked episode! Join us next week as we head back to Japan and review the Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend OVA and Sound Track!

  • Personal Garbage: 4:06
  • Listener Emails: 12:28
  • TMNT Adventures – Year of the Turtle – #1: 27:40
  • TMNT Adventures – Year of the Turtle – #2: 81:24
  • TMNT Adventures – Year of the Turtle – #3: 122:30