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Episode 269: Cowa-Boinga Transpizzafication!

Greetings Turtletarians!

Welcome to our live stream recording of episode 269 of Turtle Soup Podcast!

On this episode we discuss:

  • Neca TMNT x Universal Monsters action figure line reveal!
  • The winner of our 1987 TMNT animated series party wagon dvd set giveaway!
  • Playmates 1996 Coil Force Turtles action figures!
  • Playmates 1996 Muta-Force Turtles action figures!
  • Playmates 1996 Mini Mutant Turtle Within a Turtle playlets!

This Neca reveal is huge as it finally confirms some rumors that have been circulating these last few months about a possible Universal Monsters x TMNT line. Raphael as Frankenstein’s monster is the first offering from this line and will be released some time early 2022 with a full line of action figures to follow. We take a look back at the TMNT’s previous crossovers with the Universal Monsters in the original Playmates line.

We also announce the winner of our 1987 TMNT animated series party wagon dvd set raffle! Congratulations John Klein III! Thanks to everyone who entered the raffle, we sincerely appreciate it!

This next step in our journey brings the plastic portion of 1996 to a close as we review the “new” releases from Playmates that year.

Starting with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coil Force! These figures are literally just a color swap on a TMNT mold with a spring action feature. The action feature isn’t terrible but overall this is a lazy attempt at what could’ve been a much cooler line of toys.

Moving on to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muta-Force! These TMNT mecha are rad. As fans of mechs in general, seeing our favorite four ninja brothers not online pilot their own but have them look like them, in theory sounds great. However, execution is a little strange. Also, these fall victim to the product in hand not being well painted as what’s on the back of the box. Nevertheless, these are still pretty neat.

Lastly, we talk about Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mini Mutant Turtle within a Turtle playsets. We’ve discussed similar sets in this line on previous episodes however (iirc) these are the first… upright versions of this type of playset and they sort of tap into a little bit of “body horror”. The problem is that with the previous sets Playmates released, they used more of a literal turtle mold that opens up at the shell. The benefit of this style is that you can forget the actual turtle that you just opened up and enjoy the playset as intended. However, with these “Turtle within a Turtle” figures, they are basically normal style action figures that sort of… explode and you play with their insides and shattered corpse. It’s one of those things that looks good on paper but in execution, falls into something entirely unintended. Not to mention the problematic placement of projectiles. Nevertheless, these playsets in general are always pretty neat and these follow suit for the most part, as long as you can get past the idea of playing inside an actual TMNT figure.

  • What did ya’ll think of the Neca TMNT x Universal Monsters reveal?
  • What Universal Monsters do you hope get paired with what TMNT?
  • Any homages you’d like to see Neca reference from the Playmates versions?
  • Did you have any of these figures back in the day?

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