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Episode 268: Graduation Day!

Greetings Turtletarians!

Welcome to our most monumentous 268th episode of Turtle Soup Podcast! This episode marks the end of our coverage concerning the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series as herein we review the 8th and final episode of season 10 as well as the series as a whole, entitled “divide and conquer!”

Not gonna lie… This hit us hard.

This cartoon was fundamental to not only our individual lives, but pop culture in general. More specifically, this show was one of the main impetuses behind us starting this podcast! I believe prior to the starting the podcast, I (Eazy) had attempted to watch all of the episodes but could only make it into about season 3 before I gave up. So, crossing this herculean task off our bucket lists is a huge deal.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles end their inaugural animated series with a solid banger! The TMNT find themselves in the midst of a battle with an unknown alien threat. The struggle ends with this alien who we named “Roach Daddy,” teleports away right before the turtles can pressure them for any answers. Before beaming away, Roach Daddy swipes Leo’s belt and peace’s out, leaving the TMNT perplexed and needing answers.

We find out that Roach Daddy essentially was a contestant in a little bar game that is being put on by none other than Lord Dregg. He’s attempting to find anyone who can go toe to toe with the TMNT for at least 90 seconds and make it back with a souvenir. Fast forward a bit and Dregg has his 5 best fighters that consist of C3PNO, Devils Lettuce, Roach Daddy, Gora, and Sweet Potatoes (all names given by Turtle Soup respectfully). Dregg stops by Mung’s micro(bot)brewery that is breeding the microbots for the invasion force or something like that. Dregg demands that he be given some microbots to make a suit of armor to battle the TMNT. Mung says no because they need all the microbots to continue preparation for the invasion. Dregg just starts blasting and hits one of the containers filled with microbots. He scoops them up and heads out to the tune of Mung yelling that he’s gone mad, thus, presumably, ending Dregg and Mungs relationship.

We then see Dregg revealing his newly created suit of armor “The Morphogenesis Exoskeleton” to his new friends. Upon donning his new apparel, Dregg reveals that the 5 “xbox logos” on his chest actually open up to reveal Doctor Octopus arms that grip the 5 warriors and then Dregg proceeds to steal their “abilities.”

After acquiring the new abilities, Dregg makes his way to Earth and summons the TMNT to test out his new abilities. Basically, the Morphogenesis Exoskeleton gives him Ant-Man powers. He can also grow another set of arms, morph into a ball of clay and roll around, has X-ray vision sorta, and can also do some robot android things. He displays all of this against the turtles and gets them to run into the sewers. This eventually leads to Dregg punching down through the street and the TMNT flooding the sewers to cause enough pressure to send him flying away. The TMNT decide they need to get Krang’s Android Body from Dimension X and more specifically The Technodrome! Donatello brings out the ole portable portal generator and while setting it up, Lord Dregg appears on its tiny monitor and informs us that he’s captured April O’Neil in her apartment and to come get her.

Raph and Leo go get April.

Don and Mikey go get Krang’s Android Body.

The fight with Dregg in April’s apartment is pretty funny, as the TMNT true to form, rope-a-dope Dregg into freezing the floor with liquid nitrogen and falling through. The turtles and April make their escape in the Turtle Van with Dregg in motorcycle form in hot pursuit. They end up at a junkyard and Dregg starts to use the compactor on them.

Meanwhile, in Dimension X, Don and Mike find the Technodrome in utter disrepair and currently occupied by some weird android men and a phony Krang’s Android Body. They deal with them, find the real Krang’s Android Body and use the Technodrome’s portal generator to make it to the junkyard. They fight with Dregg and are able to eventually use a move that Splinter taught them earlier to get Krang’s Android Body behind Dregg, grab him and then yeet him into the portal to Dimension X where he presumably met his end.

The TMNT make their way back to the lair where Splinter informs them that he is no longer their “sensei” as that would mean that they have more to learn but they have now proven that there is nothing they cannot handle.

  • Were you happy with how the show ended?
  • Did you have better names for the 5 unnamed warriors?
  • Did you watch this when it aired originally?
  • Did you get hit in the feels like we did?

Lettuce know!

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Episode 267: All Hands On Mung!

Greetings Turtletarians!

This episode of Turtle Soup Podcast was live streamed on September 30th, 2021. In this episode, we review episode 7 “The Day The Earth Disappeared,” which is the penultimate of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series’ 10th and final season.

This is a bitter sweet moment for your deep diving daddies here at Turtle Soup. We’ve spent countless hours watching, notating, and reviewing these episodes and here we are at the end of another monumental chapter in our journey, not only for the TMNT but for pop culture in general. As with the actual main plot of the episode, this one kinda sucks.

So, basically, Lord Dregg and Mung plan to bring Earth to Dimension X as they believe that they are always losing because they are playing on the enemy’s turf. The baddies create a vortex or warp or portal or something to Dimension X. However, the portal needs time to grow big enough to fully take in the entire Earth. They then create a blackhole to suck the Earth into the portal to Dimension X.

This causes minor damage to things on Earth but it is enough to trigger the TMNT’s early warning systems. Donatello discovers what’s happening and coincidentally happens to have finally fixed his portable portal generator. They turn it on and are immediately met with the sucking force of the blackhole. Leo and Don are the first to succumb to the pull of the hole through the portable portal generator as is Splinter. This leaves Michaelangelo and Raphael hanging on to Michaelangelo’s grappling hook for dear life.

At the same time across town, we have April O’Neil enjoying a cool evening with the windows open and indulging in some sweet sweet 90’s internet when all of a sudden she experiences the effects of the blackhole. She instinctively heads to the lair after making a FaceTime call with the Turtles where they basically inform her that they’re in trouble too.

We find that Leonardo and Donatello end up on some weird planet in Dimension X and have to fight some rock creature that’s appendages protrude from the ground and hold them captive.

Splinter however gets transported to the Dreggnaught after Mung initiates something in an attempt to expedite the process. Upon arriving, Splinter immediately goes into ninja rat survival dad mode and is probably one of the only redeeming parts of this episode. He makes his way through the Dreggnaught, finding the “invasion force” of suited up batmen and then continues on his way through the ship.

April O’Neil shows up to the lair where Michaelangelo and Raphael are still hanging on but almost immediately let go once they see her, and allow themselves to be sucked into the portable portal generator. This leaves April to figure this problem out.

Michaelangelo and Raphael are sent to a similar but different place in Dimension X. They fight a giant fire breathing devil dinosaur and then are able to flee to another place in Dimension X where they fight a giant snow ape like creature and then run away.

Back in the lair, April O’Neil is able to do something to the portable portal generator.

Splinter eventually gets caught by Dregg but is able to trigger the portal to bring Leonardo and Donatello to the Dreggnaught. They fight. Then April opens the portal and Michaelangelo and Raphael arrive in the Dreggnaught and Splinter rushes them with Leonardo and Donatello in tow and make it back to the lair through the portal.

This leaves Dregg, Mung and all the batmen to be sucked into the blackhole.

The episode ends with the TMNT back in the lair sometime later watching the news not give them their due recognition for stopping the global disaster. Donatello informs them that he’s fixed the portable portal generator and turns it on. Immediately a giant monstrous hand comes through and the turtles throw their weapons at the machine to destroy it.

  • What did you think of this second to last episode of the entire series?
  • Why does everyone get touchy with Mung?
  • Why didn’t Dregg use the invasion force sooner?
  • Should Splinter have his own animated series just being a badass and spitting mind bending wisdom?
  • Does your mother wear gravity boots?
  • What does “blackhole breath” smell like?
  • How do you get “blackhole breath”?

Lettuce know!

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Join us next week for our final review of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10 Episode 8 and our thoughts on the series as a whole.


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Episode 266: Globfather Knows Best!

Greetings Turtletarians!

This 266th episode of Turtle Soup Podcast was live streamed on September 23, 2021.

On this episode we take a look at some emails and then immerse ourselves in the depths of muck and mire that comprise the villain THE GLOBFATHER from this 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10 Episode 6 entitled “Mobster from Dimension X!”

Here we get introduced to Professor Huxley and his protein computer, that would have totally been featured on Channel 6’s “Highly Desired Technological Showcase” segment prior to the channels demise in red skies. Nevertheless, the news of this technology has reached the ears of some villainous mobsters as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello. Both of whom are attending a symposium on the device at the same time. Professor Huxley demonstrates the uses of his protein computer by turning off the lights and what not. A shakedown takes place and the TMNT are able to prevent the theft.

This failure results in the mobsters returning to their base to face their boss, The Globfather, an anthropomorphic being of slime that, as far as we know, has some shape shifting abilities and can expose others to his slime and turn them into beings like himself or at least cover them in slime. The rules of his powers are not ever fully explained.

We then get introduced to Professor Huxley’s son, Ronnie, who, throughout this entire episode is basically ignored and brushed aside by every adult. He for some reason has made it into a highly defended science facility unbeknownst to anyone, even his father. His presence is made known by means of his remote control car. The Globfather shows up with his mobster goons and they are able to thwart the security of the science facility as well as the TMNT who show up eventually. The Globfather procures the protein computer and Professor Huxley albeit sans the slab of protein that is essential for the device to function. The TMNT review some security footage and discover Professor Huxley places the protein in Ronnie’s backpack.

This eventually leads to everyone finding out that Ronnie has the protein piece of the puzzle and all parties are in pursuit of the boy and his backpack. This leads to a show down with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Globfather’s mobsters who have Ronnie cornered. The TMNT make short work of the mobsters but then have to deal with The Globfather. After a little bit of fighting and running, The Globfather is able to acquire the boy and the backpack but leaves the boy dangling from a fire escape and takes off with the backpack containing the protein piece. Now that The Globfather has all the pieces of the device, he contacts his boss for further instruction. None other than Lord Dregg himself is the mastermind behind this plan and reveals that he’s trying to use this device to take over all the major cities of the world.

The Globfather eventually puts on the helmet of the protein computer and uses it to wreck some stuff around the city and takes control of the Turtle Van. The turtles destroy the computer system in the van and then take take Ronnie (who is unphased by the TMNT in any capacity) to their lair. There they create a helmet that could rival the original. The TMNT and Ronnie make their way to the National Phone Switching Network building where Dregg and The Globfather are taking control of satellites and threatening the League of Nations. The TMNT drop in through a skylight and rope a dope the baddies leaving Donatello to match whits with Dregg’s ability to use the protein computer via their helmets. This results in the inevitable win for the TMNT resulting in The Globfather being sucked up by some vacuum car and Dregg taking him and his mobsters back to the Dreggnaught in Dimension X.

  • What did you think of The Globfather?
  • Have you ever been considered a “mobster?”
  • Are you a Ronnie or a Donnie?
  • Have you ever ate spam or used it as a conductor for a device?
  • Have you ever been faced with the choice of “the boy or the backpack?”

Lettuce know!

Email us at turtlesoupshow@gmail.com

Join us next week as we review the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10 Episode 7 “The Day The Earth Disappeared!”



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Episode 265: 15 Hour Death Fall To The Dreggnaught!

Greetings Turtletarians!

This 265th episode of Turtle Soup Podcast was live streamed on September 16th, 2021 and we reviewed the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10, Episode 5 entitled “Turtles to the Second Power!” We also read a few emails and give some more details about our very own (and first iirc) “Ryan’s Radically Rewatchable Rerun Raffle!”

This episode finds our heroes on the receiving end of the life transfusion that the TMNT from the past were brought to the present to provide. This takes… 15 hours apparently. After the 15 hours have passed and all 8 Turtles are back in tip top shape they head out to take care of some small disturbance in the form of a “Robot Chicken Invasion Force” that took Dregg and Mung around… 15 hours to manufacture. No big deal. So, Carter decides to split the team up and have the TMNT from the past stay and deal with the Robot Chicken Invasion Force and the TMNT of the present go with him to take care of Dregg.

During this time, Shredder and Krang are walking around the streets of New York planning their revenge on Dregg. They come up with a plan that involves Krang using his “mental brain powers” that apparently allow him to hypnotize weak-minded individuals for about 30 minutes. They decide on capturing one of Mung’s Batmen, who happen to just be in the same area as them, and so using the ancient foot clan art of “try to shoot me and miss and hit this other thing that falls on top of you,” Shredder and Krang now have their hypnotized Batman.

They get him to treat them as captives. They head to the power plant and then try to fool Dregg with a bogus chip but get ratted out by Dregg’s Krang brain. Just then the TMNT show up and fighting ensues. This ends in Dregg seemingly winning the fight and then enacts his plan to bring a little piece of the sun into all the major cities of the world. He then calls the “league of nations” to make his demands and they just laugh him off and say they don’t deal with fake threats. Turns out, while the fighting was happened, Donny T does some machines and basically rigs the computers virtual reality simulator to make Dregg think his plan had worked.

Mean while, April O’Neil is trying to get the help of the local authorities but they apparently are too busy to care. The TMNT from the past are rope-a-doping the Robot Chicken Invasion Force and manage to commandeer one of them and head back to the power plant. Splinter is just chillin in the lair when Landor and Merrick finally show up.

Oh I forgot to mention that there was a subplot of “will the future cops be able to make it back in time to take the past TMNT back to the past from the future because we can’t get the internet to bounce a signal off a star to the future to let them know that the present day TMNT have received a successful transfusion of live force from the TMNT of the past and they are pretty much no longer needed…”

At the power plant, more fighting is about to take place when the TMNT from the past burst through the wall with the Robot Chicken Invasion Force machine and then are quickly dismantled by Dregg’s microbots. Then more fighting happens and then the Donatello’s are able to reconfigure the transport machine and basically send all that remains of Dregg’s Robot Chicken Invasion Force from wrecking all the major cities around the world to a remote asteroid in space… basically sentencing them to space prison death. And then the Donatello’s turn Dregg’s plan against him by sending a piece of the sun into the Dreggnaught, thus enacting a death sentence on all of its crew and then they end up sending Dregg, Mung and the rest of the Batmen up there as well.

Shredder and Krang are presumably sent back to Dimension X but its not very clear.

The 8 TMNT and Carter all book it out of the nuclear power plant as its about to blow due to some weird connection with the Dreggnaughts transport device and the one in the plant. Only to manage an escape from the most anticlimactic explosion.

Then April shows up with Landor and Merrick. They send the past TMNT back and then take Carter to the future.

  • Would you have split the TMNT teams up like Carter did or mix and match?
  • How much red is on Donatello’s ledger?
  • What do you think Carter is doing in the future?
  • Have you ever executed/witnessed or been the victim of the ancient foot clan art of “missed me now hit you?”
  • Is there a better name for that shtick?
  • What did you think of this episode/trilogy?

Lettuce know!



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Episode 264: Shrang, Actually!

Greetings Turtletarians!

In this episode we take a look at some TMNT toy news from Neca and Playmates as well as discuss the announcement from Mirage Licensing. Finally, we take an in-depth look at Episode 4 of Season 10 of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series – “A Turtle In Time!”

Starting things off with a highlight in the way of NECA announcing they reached an agreement with Stan Sakai enabling them to make action figures of Sakai’s signature samurai rabbit, Usagi Yojimbo! We take a look at some of the previous Usagi Yojimbo action figures that we’ve got in past TMNT toy lines, how he appears in the 87 animated series and compared them to the 3d rendered image NECA released to the press. This is looking to be the best Usagi Yojimbo figure we’ve ever seen! The hype is real here at Turtle Soup!

And then the hype train comes to an abrupt halt with Playmates reveal of their TMNT vs series, starting off with a Cobra Kai crossover. We discuss the popularity of Cobra Kai and how this concept is kind of cool, but then quickly turn to talking about how Playmates seem to be missing the mark with their repeated use of nearly a decade old sculpts of the TMNT figures from their classics line.

Lastly, for the news, we discuss the formal announcement of the official dissolving of Mirage Licensing and what witnessing this means to life long TMNT fans.

Finally, we get to the meat of the episode with our review of Episode 4 “A Turtle In Time” of Season 10 of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series. This is the climax to a 3 part story where Dregg and Mung finally execute their plan to drain the TMNT of their “ninja abilities” and as a bonus, due to their newly discovered punk rock attitude, Shredder and Krang have been added to the Dregg’s brain drain cocktail. However, Dregg greatly underestimated the cleverness of the Shredder, who is able to escape and take his emaciated “friend” Krang with him back to Earth and find a way to restore him to full health by giving of his own energy through a transfusion! An act that shows so much growth and maturity from two tired and played out characters that found them revitalized and renewed, leaving us (at least us here at Turtle Soup) wanting more! The turtles eventually escape with the help of Carter and Splinter who bounced a message from the internet off a star to our friends from the future, Landor and Merrick, who hear and respond by returning to the present to then return to the past and recruit the past TMNT to assist them in the rescuing of the present day TMNT. April manages to get the present day Turtles out of their cells and eventually meets up with Carter and the past TMNT and with their powers combined, are able to yeet Dregg into another room, giving them enough time to escape the Dreggnaught and make it back to Earth only to be confronted with the weird metal monstrosity that Mung used the microbes to create.

  • How are the turtles gonna get out of this one?
  • Why would Dregg think that a giant robot would be a threat to a team of mutant ninjas who have spent most of their lives destroying giant robots?
  • Were you happy to see Landor and Merrick again or meh?
  • Have you ever bounced a message off a star to the future from the internet?

Lettuce know what you think!

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