Episode 2 – “I’m Evil as SHIT!”

      On this, our 2nd Turtles-riffic episode, we explore Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol.1 #2. This turns out to be a huge issue, as it is the historic first appearance of not only April O’Neil, but Baxter Stockman and his Mousers as well. With this being my first turn with this first issues, I was surprised at how absolutely, bat shit crazy Stockman is. Crazy as shit, one might say…

      Also, we tackle some listener emails, the insanely horrible “leaked” script for the new TMNT film, discuss the sad state of employment at Gran Prix, torn rare band T-shirts, Dan Scott from One Tree Hill, and other stuff. Be sure to send us more emails with your questions / comments because the ones we cover here were incredibly awesome.

      The above picture is of Eric in his excellent “above ground’ incognito turtle outfit, by the way. I’m looking to also get one of these so we can both skulk around Cons together, keeping to the shadows. The only problem we might have would be our uncanny similarity to child predators. This may or may not put us in jail for a time, interrupting the flow of this excellent podcast… worth it? Perhaps

      So, here she is, Turtle Soup Episode 2! Enjoy and don’t forget to write…

DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 2 – “I’m Evil as SHIT!”

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