Episode 5 – “Domestic Danny and the Bag of Tricks”

      Here are again, fine folks. Another episode of Turtle Soup, another step toward… reading, watching, and playing everything TMNT related. On that note, did you guys know I have at least 2 live turtles in my pool? I do.

      See, when you buy a house from HUD or any other government run agency who take homes from people that owe Uncle Sam a good deal of money, you tend to find things in a bit of a state of… disrepair. Our house was pretty trashed, and while gutting a lot of the interior and making it sterile and livable, we haven’t gotten to the pool yet. It’s covered with a “cap” made of lumber, chicken wire, and black PVC. Through holes in the PVC you can see dark, murky green water. Damn gross. But fixable. When we get the money to do it…

    So one day I’m outside walking around and I peer deep into the opaque waters of my pool. Slowly, like in a dream, an image became apparent. It was a soft shelled snapper turtle at least two feet long. I was pretty freaked out, I must say. It was a couple days later that I noticed a second turtle, a small hardshell that wasn’t nearly as scary. Occasionally I’ll see them in there, swimming around, eating grass clippings, happy as hell. Maybe I’ll when we get that cap off we’ll capture the turtles in question and make them our mascots.

      This leads me to my point: I am offering you, the listeners of our fine show, the opportunity to name them. Yes, that’s right, YOU can name the future Turtle Soup mascots! Email us at turtlesoupshow@gmail.com with your suggestions. Let’s do this!

      Oh, you wanna hear about the actual episode we’re posting tonight? Okay. We cover Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1, Issue 4. This was a fun one to read and very interesting to cover, especially given the one and only appearance of the infamous Domestic Danny. Also included in the banter? Our penchant for acting like dogs when we were younger, Jason Biggs’ hilarious Tweet that sent Nickelodeon spinning, and dated football controversy.

      We are getting closer and closer to being “live”, as in the episode we record on Friday night being released over the weekend, but for now, we’re still bringing out the episodes with a good deal of delay. Tonight we’re dedicating ourselves to fixing the iTunes issue, which has plagued us much so far. Fun!

      Well, without further delay, here it is! Enjoy and don’t forget to write. We love your letters (especially W and K!).

DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 5 – “Domestic Danny and the Bag of Tricks”

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