Episode 15 – 3 Hour Death-Fall to the Technodrome!


      People, this is huge bitness! After 14 episodes spanning 3 years in the life and times of the TMNT, we have reached the point where begin covering the cartoon that launched the Turtles into mainstream history. It’s at this point that reading literally everything Turtles-related pays off in droves. Doing this puts me in the mind of those early TMNT fanatics, the guys that collected from the beginning and heard the news that their beloved franchise was being turned into a prime time animated television show, with accompanying action figures, playsets, skateboards, slippers, pepperoni sticks, etc.

      In this gallon-sized 15th episode we cover the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Animated Series (1987), Season 1 in it’s  full 5 episode entirety. Included in this in-depth review we layout essential information on the adaptation of the Mirage comics to animated form, voice actors, the theme song, animation goofs, and much more as well as occasionally comparing and contrasting the show to it’s previous comic book foundation.

      We somehow also manage to discuss how we survived doomsday (yeah, this one’s somewhat dated), Ryan’s 1 minute stance on the NRA, how to manipulate your children with Santa Clause, the untimely death of the new Thudercats animates series, the ins and outs of subscription-based figure collecting, “God-Based Horse Training”, and the possibility of an Outback Rapist action figure.  

      Also, stay tuned after the show for audio of our last minute trip to Toys R Us for a TMNT figure that could make of break Ryan’s son’s Critmas! And maybe us getting coffee! Be sure to rate and review the show on iTunes, email us, and tell your friends!

DOWNLOAD: Episode 15 – 3 Hour Death-Fall to the Technodrome!

NEXT WEEK: Raphael: “Fun with Guns” and Turtle Soup, Vol.1

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