Episode 57 – The Ol’ Sniff n’ Squirt.

      Well, this will be the last episode of Turtle Soup released in 2013. Realizing this, I went back to see where we were in the journey at this one long year ago. The last episode of 2012 was a two-fer releasing Episodes 6 and 7, as well as premiering the Joe Martin designed Turtle Soup soup can logo. That seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?

      In the last year we have released exactly 50 episodes of the show, tearing through 3 seasons of the 1987 Animated Series, dozens of action figures, scores of comics, and 4 years of time in the history of the TMNT. At this rate of covering 4 years in past time for every year we continue the journey, we should catch up in…. something like 7 years. Things aren’t constant, however. the gap between the tapering off the TMNT popularity in the mid to late 90’s and the start of the 2000’s renaissance should speed things up considerably. Either way. We’ll be at this a while.

      I guess that brings me to my main point here: thank you. Thanks for listening, emailing, facebooking, tweeting, suggesting the show to your friends, keeping the faith, dealing with our language, dealing with our stupidity, dealing with Danny, and everything else. When we decided to take this thing on more than a year ago, we were hoping we would meet awesome people along the way, and we certainly have. We always are striving the to make the show funnier, more relaxing, more detailed, more ridiculous, and, of course, more deserving of your excellent listenership.

      On this episode of Turtle Soup, we make a triumphant (and weary) return to cartoons by covering  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Animated Series (1987), Episodes 1 and 2. Also discussed is the strange tale of the TMNT Vacation in Europe, saucy details of the Crimmus past, and a Dems Da’ Rules on impersonating the dead.

DOWNLOAD: Episode 57 – The Ol’ Sniff n’ Squirt.

Next Week: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Animated Series (1987), Episodes 3 and 4.

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