Episode 262: Qwerty Keys and Circus Freaks!


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Greetings Turtletarians!

On this 262nd episode of the Turtle Soup Podcast, we review the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series – Season 10 – Episode 2 “The Beginning of the End” from Sept 21st 1996.

This episode finds the TMNT still dealing with Leonardo’s “hyper mutation” brought on by Dregg’s Microbots disrupting the power to the lair during an attempted cure for their unstable mutations from episode 1 of this season. Donny tries yet again to cure Leo of his hyper mutation and appears to be successful however Leo starts to feel sick again and the other Turtles (namely Raphael), are ruthless in their needless bullying of him. Carter is still lamenting that he is still uncured of his mutation as well.

All the while, the baddies are continuing their schemes to further mutate the turtles out of existence. In order to accomplish this Dregg needs some materials that they don’t have at the moment so Mung suggests Plutonium as an alternative. We see hyper mutated Leo hit the streets again and this time destroys a hockey arena.

We also get to witness more of April’s apathetic attitude toward doing any TMNT related stories for the news anymore. On top of that, we get to see her fawn of the wonders of the internet and its glorious ability to allow her to research stories. Stories about carjackings and how to determine who, what, when, where, and why the next one will take place. Dregg gets the Plutonium. April hides in a car that gets stolen, in an attempt to get into a chop shop (an attempt that is successful, surprisingly).

Dregg shows up at the chop shop and uses the microbots to transform it into a… science base? Leo is potentially “cured” but quickly is informed that he’s nuclear!

  • Can the Turtles prevent Leo from exploding and taking a chunk of New York with him?
  • Will this be the Turtle story that breaks April’s back?
  • Why is there a room full of animals in cages and 1 loose gorilla?
  • Will we see “Otto Wrecker” ever again?
  • Will Carter walk away and go to college this time?
  • Is breaking into a facility to steal plutonium as easy as cartoons make it seem?

All this and more to be discussed on Episode 262 of Turtle Soup Podcast, live streamed every Thursday at 8pm EST!

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