Episode 271: Glock Blocked!

Greetings Turtletarians!

Welcome to the live recording of episode 271 of Turtle Soup Podcast! On this episodes step in the journey through TMNT history, we’re gonna be reviewing the Image Comics Raphael and Casey Jones Body Count issue #2! But first we also have a toy news segment where we discuss the reveal of the NECA toy’s Raphael as Frankenstein’s monster figure box.

This box art is beautiful! It’s mostly an artistic approach to the promo shots of Raphael as Frankenstein’s monster that NECA released a while back. It’s gonna make for a great display piece. But the main reason the deep diving daddies of turtle soup are peeping this box is because of the spine! The box’s spine reveals some of the other characters to be released in the line. We see some headshots of Raphael, the previously revealed Leonardo as Ygor (but with some digital bushy eyebrows and chin hair), and our first look at a head shot of Michaelangelo as The Mummy, and a silhouetted shot of what we assume will be April as the Bride of Frankenstein! Now, its not much to go on but it’s a neat little glimpse of the TMNT x Universal Monster figure goodness to come from NECA this next year!

Now, on to the comic review! Issue 2 of Body Count finds our heroes Casey Jones and Raphael wrapped up in a mess with their new found friend Midnight. Upon fleeing from their initial meeting in issue 1, the group tries to figure out what’s going on and what they’re next step will be.

Midnight explains that she’s been set up and framed for a botched hit job where she was the get away driver for the very hitman that is now after her, Johnny Woo Woo. She says that she’s gotta get to “sanctuary” and the only person who can really help her is her friend Courtney. Casey Jones being a sucker for any lady in need is quick to offer further assistance, where as Raphael is ready to go home but reluctantly decides to stick with his pal and help Midnight out.

Johnny Woo Woo finally catches up with the crew at a gas station and for allegedly being a renown hitman, he sure does miss a lot. Anyway, he blows up the gas station and in all the chaos, some how lands his car on top of a truck that’s headed down the highway.

Midnight, Casey Jones and Raphael keep making their way to Club Dead where they meet up with Courtney and explain their situation. Meanwhile, Johnny Woo Woo has gathered with his goons and are about to let the bodies hit the floor at club dead.

  • How are you digging Body Count so far?
  • Do you like how Casey Jones mostly teams up with Raphael or would you prefer him get some time with each of the TMNT?
  • Have you ever witnessed a gas station explosion?

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