Episode 278: Full Metal Donatello!

Greetings Turtletarians!

Welcome to our live stream recording of Turtle Soup Podcast Episode 278! On this episode we review the 1996 Image Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 3 issue #4 and we take a look at some possible concept art images and information for the forthcoming TMNT animated movie due out in 2023!

First of all, we’d like to make it absolutely clear that the views and opinions of websites that we cite do not necessarily reflect those of Turtle Soup as a whole or its individual hosts. Furthermore, the site that we reference in this episode for our news segment absolutely does NOT reflect the views and opinions of Turtle Soup as a whole or its individual hosts.

So… news!

It’s being reported that at an investor meeting for Paramount, it was discussed that they are planning on orchestrating a new wave of Turtle mania to hit around 2023. Their plan is to have a Seth Rogen led TMNT animated movie, theatrically released and then followed by a series of Nickelodeon produced animated movies focusing on individual TMNT villains to be released on Paramount +.

Rogen has been quoted, saying that he wants to really emphasize the “Teenage” aspect of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Which is a point we here at Turtle Soup like to remind people of often.

Along with this information, some concept art images were released presumably for the upcoming film. These concept images show the four TMNT (Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael) on a roof top. One image has the four Turtles opening a pizza box from the point of view of the pizza about to be eaten. The next image has the four Ninja Turtles eating said pizza while we see a myriad of things happening in the city scape behind them.

On the left, we see a giant whale covered in various other sea creatures walking through the city. Then there’s the Turtle Blimp floating through the sky and just to the right of that we see two flying creatures that closely resemble Wingnut and Screwloose. Below them, standing on a water tower, appears to be a character in armor and a cape that’s not too far from the stylings of The Shredder. To the right of that character, is what looks to be a different take on the Technodrome.

This Technodrome design is great! It’s essentially a giant yellow eye ball incased in a metal apparatus that allows it to roll around. Then to the right of that we see a character that sort of looks like the character Dogpound from the 2012 Nickelodeon TMNT animated series, just shooting a bunch of pink lasers in the sky.

The TMNT themselves have a few things to their designs. First of all, they’re all very lean with very similar builds, as opposed to their appearances in Rise of the TMNT. Raphael has a full skull cap bandana and some battle damage to his shell. Leonardo has braces for some reason. Michaelangelo looks like Michaelangelo. And the one Turtle that seems to always get the most design accents, Donatello, gets a bucked tooth, thick rimmed glasses and massive headphones hanging from his neck.

Overall, these designs are pretty cool and the art design is a neat painted claymation style that we dig.

Moving on to the meat of the episode: Image Comic’s 1996 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vol. 3 issue 4!

The Turtles finally found Donnie but it appears that something else got there first and devoured him leaving only his skeleton and shell behind. Upon closer inspection, Leo realizes that this skeleton has 5 fingers and toes (where the TMNT have 3 fingers and 2 toes) and deduce that their Donatello is in another castle. Nevertheless, that’s still his shell there and he couldn’t live without it so they presume that Donnie is dead one way or the other. They take his shell and head for Lord Komodo’s palace.

In Komodo’s palace, Make tries to eat Splinter to no avail, all the while Lord Komodo is in pain and transforms into an actual komodo dragon. At this point, his “brothers” (the other Komodo dragons we saw previously) come in and attack Mako. By this point Lord Komodo’s assistant, Pimiko and her kunoichi show up and Mako takes off followed by the Komodo dragons.

The turtles bury Don in the woods outside the palace and head through the cornfield separating them from the palace. They are blindsided by Mako trying to escape and he steals their flying car but Raphael uses the remote control to get it back and dump Mako out.

Then we get some narration from Donatello who recalls the events of the Cyborg that fell out of the helicopter with him, crawling over to his paralyzed body and doing something. He blacks out and wakes up later thinking he’s being carried by the cyborg through the corn fields but turns out he had been assimilated and is now half robot half turtle all ninja cyborg!


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