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Episode 266: Globfather Knows Best!

Greetings Turtletarians!

This 266th episode of Turtle Soup Podcast was live streamed on September 23, 2021.

On this episode we take a look at some emails and then immerse ourselves in the depths of muck and mire that comprise the villain THE GLOBFATHER from this 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10 Episode 6 entitled “Mobster from Dimension X!”

Here we get introduced to Professor Huxley and his protein computer, that would have totally been featured on Channel 6’s “Highly Desired Technological Showcase” segment prior to the channels demise in red skies. Nevertheless, the news of this technology has reached the ears of some villainous mobsters as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello. Both of whom are attending a symposium on the device at the same time. Professor Huxley demonstrates the uses of his protein computer by turning off the lights and what not. A shakedown takes place and the TMNT are able to prevent the theft.

This failure results in the mobsters returning to their base to face their boss, The Globfather, an anthropomorphic being of slime that, as far as we know, has some shape shifting abilities and can expose others to his slime and turn them into beings like himself or at least cover them in slime. The rules of his powers are not ever fully explained.

We then get introduced to Professor Huxley’s son, Ronnie, who, throughout this entire episode is basically ignored and brushed aside by every adult. He for some reason has made it into a highly defended science facility unbeknownst to anyone, even his father. His presence is made known by means of his remote control car. The Globfather shows up with his mobster goons and they are able to thwart the security of the science facility as well as the TMNT who show up eventually. The Globfather procures the protein computer and Professor Huxley albeit sans the slab of protein that is essential for the device to function. The TMNT review some security footage and discover Professor Huxley places the protein in Ronnie’s backpack.

This eventually leads to everyone finding out that Ronnie has the protein piece of the puzzle and all parties are in pursuit of the boy and his backpack. This leads to a show down with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Globfather’s mobsters who have Ronnie cornered. The TMNT make short work of the mobsters but then have to deal with The Globfather. After a little bit of fighting and running, The Globfather is able to acquire the boy and the backpack but leaves the boy dangling from a fire escape and takes off with the backpack containing the protein piece. Now that The Globfather has all the pieces of the device, he contacts his boss for further instruction. None other than Lord Dregg himself is the mastermind behind this plan and reveals that he’s trying to use this device to take over all the major cities of the world.

The Globfather eventually puts on the helmet of the protein computer and uses it to wreck some stuff around the city and takes control of the Turtle Van. The turtles destroy the computer system in the van and then take take Ronnie (who is unphased by the TMNT in any capacity) to their lair. There they create a helmet that could rival the original. The TMNT and Ronnie make their way to the National Phone Switching Network building where Dregg and The Globfather are taking control of satellites and threatening the League of Nations. The TMNT drop in through a skylight and rope a dope the baddies leaving Donatello to match whits with Dregg’s ability to use the protein computer via their helmets. This results in the inevitable win for the TMNT resulting in The Globfather being sucked up by some vacuum car and Dregg taking him and his mobsters back to the Dreggnaught in Dimension X.

  • What did you think of The Globfather?
  • Have you ever been considered a “mobster?”
  • Are you a Ronnie or a Donnie?
  • Have you ever ate spam or used it as a conductor for a device?
  • Have you ever been faced with the choice of “the boy or the backpack?”

Lettuce know!

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Join us next week as we review the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series Season 10 Episode 7 “The Day The Earth Disappeared!”



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